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Massive amounts of myth and unscientific methods are thrown at the public daily. Media personalities, pop psychologists, self-appointed ‘experts’ and even TV shows relentlessly disperse misinformation. Even the scientifically based hit TV show “Lie to Me” is primarily for entertainment. Research shows the result is increased suspicion and false accusations, not improved lie detecting ability.

Criminologist and deception expert Dr. David A. Camp teaches scientifically proven methods of lie detecting. With over 30 years of behavioral research and experience Dr. Camp has been using and teaching real “Lie to Me” techniques for over a decade. These ‘state of the art’ methods are what federal agents, law enforcement and other professionals are taught when they seek the highest accuracy rates. 

Dr. Camp explains, “When knowing is necessary, when you need the truth, you need the real deal. All kinds of people come to me for training or help. They come because Deception Management techniques are scientifically verified and proven through research. In other words, they work!”

What others have to say:

"I use what you taught in multiple situations on a weekly basis… narcotic investigations, assaults, domestic violence, and more. It has definitely given me the upper hand especially when dealing with career criminals who know the game.”
D.M., St Louis, Missouri Police Officer

“It’s astonishing the amount of useful information you were able to reveal. The data you uncovered made the miscarriage of justice clear to anyone. My only regret is that I didn’t know about your services earlier!”
J.C., Florida Medical Examiner

Isn’t it bull that some professors teach classes like Dr. Camp’s Deception Management? My bf took that class and I made a mistake & cheated on him. I was hoping to never tell him. He asked me to write down what I did that day for his class. Then he started finding all these errors and stuff and I finally confessed. He ruined my relationship. You should not teach those things!
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